Vaastu Counseling

Vaastu Shasta is the oldest Shasta which helps the person to get the benefits presented by the five basic elements of the universe. These elements are Sky, Earth, Water, Fire and Wind that are considered to be the very crucial factors that maintain the harmony and peace in your existing life. The term “Vaastu” is taken from Sanskrit word ‘Vas’. Vaastu counseling tells us how to organize our homes and offices effectively and in a manner that will bring luck and good fortune.. Here are some tips of Vaastu while you are arranging your home:-

  • Decorate your home with positive and energetic pictures that depict life and happiness.
  • Do not place too many items in rooms that are located in the East and North areas of home.
  • Put your master bedroom in the Southwest or South.
  • Mirrors should go on East and North walls
  • Vaastu is based on two forces “positive” and “negative” which are steadily merging with each other on the surface of the land.