I have been associated with Aayaaam for over an year now. I have availed services of Dr. Preeti Sharma on various fronts of my life including personal as well as professional. The level of understanding and comprehending real cause of certain problem is incredible in Dr. Sharma. I really appreciate the manner in which my seemingly huge problems were converted into beautiful challenges by her. In the nutshell, she has re-introduced me to myself. I wish her success in her endeavors !!!


Ms. Shruti Ambastha, Director, Patentwire

Dr. Preeti Sharma has played a pivotal role in my life to enhance confidence and tackle fear through “Past-life Regression” and “Counseling”.

Thanks to Dr. Sharma, today I am leading a stress-free and happy life.

Mr. Vipin Sharma, Regional Sales Manager

I just take the services of  Palm Reading &  believe me it is very effective. The almost accurate idea of their specialist about your future life is truly amazing.

Ms. Rashmi Kapoor

I use their services and that was speechless. I am recommending to you all, go and take a session of Aayaaam’s and see the result.

Ms. Shivani Sharma