Dreams Analysis

Dream is the way towards the unconscious world. It is the position when an individual goes into deep sleep and communicates with the inner wisdom. Dreams collect and preview the content that reflects your real life. It is the process of subconscious mind that transmits the message in the form of ideas and images or situations in a visual language.

Dream analysis is the investigation of collected feelings that can be articulated in the dreams. And this analysis helps in uncovering the unconscious state of mind. Hypnosis therapy is the state of inner absorption that explores the hidden emotions, dreams motive and mental state and helps the client to re-enter in the dream and enable them to understand the dream. Dreams have two types of notion:

  • Latent content that reflects the hidden motives, fears etc
  • Manifest Content, a dream that is actually appears in real life

Dream analysis is an analeptic method to alleviate fear and many complicated situations which can affect human behavior as well as their waking life.