Dr. Preeti Sharma is a Director of Aayaaam. She is PHD in Psychology- 2012 (Nature and function of recurrent dreams) and Counseling diploma in psychology -2006 from JAMIA University, New Delhi and registered Hypno-Therapist from Alternative Board of Medicine, Kolkata. She has worked with Project WHY (NGO) as Counselor in Jamia Miliya and associated with Holy family Hospital as Counselor in 2005 and with Indian Hypnosis Academy, Rohini as Hypnotherapist. She has actively participated in certified workshop of Traumatic Incident reduction therapy.

Dr. Preeti Sharma’s has assignment a competent professional with 4 years’ qualitative and dedicated experience in psychological counseling, holistic approach (Hypnosis, Theta healing, Dream analysis and Tarot card reading). Dr. Preeti Sharma treated 20 subjects with recurrent dreams during research and helped them to improve mental health and now dealing with fears & phobias, confidence building, habit formation, self-concept using many interviewing techniques. Dr. Preeti Sharma is proficient in Hypno-counseling, Dream analysis, past life regression, Tarot card reading and recognized competence in Theta Healing.